Monday, July 8, 2013

WANTED: Judge of Heart Motives

Judgment!  Wow!  That is a wild word, isn't it?  It implies the person behind the word is all wise, all knowing and the final say in the matter.  An interesting fact is that there is no one like that except Jesus.  He is the only one who really knows our "heart motive".  He is the only trustworthy one to know what to do with our "heart motive" and He and He alone has the final say in the matter about the "heart motive".  So what do we do with judgment? 

In unwise hands it turns into weapon to destroy.  In too merciful of a hand it turns into a license to sin.  In a prideful hand it turns into a clique.  However, in His hand it turns into a means of repentance, freedom and justice.  So many of us get judgment confused with discernment.  One proclaims a final verdict and the other just sees the problem.  One draws us to pride and the other draws us to our knees.  One makes us feel better than others and the other reminds us of our own sin and draws us closer to the One who set us free.'s that working for you?

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