Monday, July 8, 2013

Did You Forget Something?

When did they first forget the word of the Lord in Nathum 1:7 - The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble.  Was it just sin and rebellion in their lives? Was the walk ever real?  What was it?  Perhaps they had just one too many broken dreams and one too many crushed hopes and they simply forgot.  They forgot how He had delivered them in the past and how He brought them through to the other side.  They forgot how He had saved them from what they thought they wanted but in reality would have been a disaster.  They forgot He kept His word to love them.  They forgot His promises are true and He has never forgotten them.  They forgot to run to the mighty Tower for refuge but instead exchanged the truth for a lie.  They forgot the world doesn't hold anything for them.  They forgot the Lord doesn't look at us the way the world does.  He sees beyond the outer to the inner, the heart.  They just forgot!  All the hurts, broken dreams, crushed hopes, hurtful words and actions of others, trial upon trial that we who stand in judgement could not imagine.  They just forgot! 

Praying today that if this is you - once running strong for the Lord but all the "hardness" of life has choked the voice your ears has heard for so long. Praying today you will choose to remember what he has done for you in the past.  He will do it again even greater in your future.  All the junk your soul has endured was just making you authentic for others who come after you.  Perfecting your faith and making you "FOR REAL"!  From one who has walked the road and seen His greatness I am cheering you on to finish this great race and lean on Him who gives you the strength to continue on. Now get up, run, run, run!!!!

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