Monday, July 2, 2012


Three year droughts don't come often but when they do they get your attention.  Things around the yard are looking brown and dry except for a few green spots where the sprinkler system has been hard at work.  There are some tomatoes and blooms on the vegetable plants that are noticiable stressed. Even though I carefully handpicked plants and planted them at just the right time and place.  Using almost perfect soil, weeding regularly and watering - still a drought can change the outcome of what you expected when you planned and planted your garden. There are seasons where I go through droughts as well.  You know, where you plan, prepare and do everything right but it turns wrong.  When a drought goes too long it starts to cause noticable stress reactions.  You wonder where the Lord is and has His ear turned from your voice. 

Recently I was talking to a woman who had prepared for her retirement.  She tried to keep out of debt and live within her means.  But a few serious house repairs and medical expenses has her retirement in jeopardy.  Another prayed for her children believing the Lord would do great things but the children, now grown,  have turned from their faith and walking in the ways of the world.  A woman and her husband in ministry had what appeared to be everything and one day her husband felt he had to leave to be "fulfilled" somewhere else.  She believed it could never happen to her. These woman have prayed and prayed, waiting on the Lord to rain on them again. 

A drought will come to all of us at one time or another.  We drench ourselves in the Word so it goes deep within our hearts.  We continue to ask the Lord for rain even when the ground around us is drying and turning brown.  Keep praying.  Don't make too many decisions during a drought they will likely be based on emotion rather than truth. WAIT and remember the promise in Hosea 6:3...."Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge him.  As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth."

What do you during a drought?  Press on to the know the Lord, pray, pray and pray.  Remember when Elijah was looking for rain in I Kings 18?  The others had turned to foreign gods and did everything to bring about rain.  Then stepped in Elijah.....prayed to the one true God.....stepped back....waited.  Then sent his servent to look towards the sea to for rain.   He came back and said, "there is nothing there".  Elijah told him seven times to look again.  On the seventh time he came back and reported there is a small cloud the size of a man's hand rising from the sea."  Shortly after that it rained.  Not just a sprinkle or shower but it is described as "heavy rains" pouring on their heads.  We would have called it a "gully washer"! 

Droughts have a beginning and droughts have an end.  Don't forget the rain cloud was a small cloud was the beginning of the end of the drought.


  1. Darla this is so good. I can relate to this! Being of a "grandmotherly" age, I've been through these droughts before, but not nearly as severe as the most recent. We had a crisis in our family and it nearly shut me down for 2 years. The devil had a hay day. I could not focus on reading His word, let alone any other books. I had a hard time remembering those verses that had been planted in my heart. I literally felt heartsick. Where IS God? Maybe there isn't one! Maybe my belief in God has been all wrong. And if he is there...why isn't he helping me??

    The good news is that I have known Jesus since I was 6 years old and the foundation of my life has been built on His truths. He slowly began to remind me of his if he was saying, "I know your hurting, I'm still here. You may not feel it, but I AM here. I will bring you through this."

    I began to remind myself of that promise over and over. One day I literally felt like the weights on my heart were lifted off. I began to see God more clearly, I began to devour his word with understanding. I began to trust him!

    There are repercussions from the crisis we went through and probably always will be. I still don't understand why God allowed this to happen and may not until I reach eternity. But there is joy in my life again....and faith and hope.

    Thanks for letting me share!

    1. Hello Robin,
      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for sharing your story. I have heard this story time and time again from dear sisters whose circumstances have shaken their lives and their faith. I too went through a faith crises three years ago. I wondered as well where the Lord was and did I really know Him. During this time I was asked to speak and give my testimony. I first declined then I was asked to reconsider. I relunctantly agreed. I agonzied in prayer how I would stand before a group of women and give them hope. Early morning in prayer the Lord told me what my heart needed to hear. "My life was shaken but the foundation on which I stood never even trimbled or moved." The Lord was still with me. The circumstances were the same but the Lord had not left me. It made all the difference. I, like you, still didn't understand but that faded in the distance as I returned my eyes to the Lord.

      I am so grateful joy, faith and hope have returned to your heart as well. Thank you for encouragaing so many others with your story.
      Waiting to hear the shout, Darla