Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shaving your legs and vertigo.....very interesting

While vacationing this week I came down with a severe inner ear infection.  The room felt like it was spinning violently and I could not stand.  I made the mistake of closing my eyes, which made it all the worse.  After ruling out more serious maladies and calling my doc who ordered a prescription, I was feeling better (or somewhat better) in no time.  Now the room only spins when I look down or turn too quickly. However, the plane ride home may hold some unforeseen fun.  Praising the Lord that it is only a 2-hour flight.

I found that having an inner ear problem can bring about some very funny situations.  OK, so I am easily amused!  But you have to admit that shaving your legs while having vertigo can lead to some very funny stories....not to mention striped legs!  And there may have been a time or two in a restaurant where I had to explain my inner ear problem so not to appear as consuming too much alcohol!  Yes, vertigo can make it appear to others as something else less noble unless you know the truth that I don't drink alcohol and that I had vertigo. 

As I was reading the scriptures this morning I was amazed at how many times things looked one way but in truth of the Holy Spirit were another.  Let me show you what I mean.....

First, there was David.  Samuel came to Jesse's house looking for a new king.  All Jesse's sons passed before him, except for one.  The Lord said no to all of them. Samuel asked, "is this all you have?'  "Well, yes, there was another out in the field named David," Jesse said.  Samuel replies, "Get him in here - I'd like to see him,"  remembering what the Lord had commanded to Samuel.  1Samuel 16:7 - "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him.  The Lord does not look at the things man looks at.  Man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart."  As soon as Samuel saw David, the Lord said "Rise and anoint him as king."   Life was about to change for David. 

In Acts 3 there was a man over forty years old who was miraculously healed. It looked like he would bear his infirmity the rest of his life.  But along came Peter and John who called on the name of Jesus to heal this crippled man.  They declared in Jesus' Name that this man was made whole and healthy.  Then the Sanhedrin got all upset and threw them in jail.  But when  the authorities saw the courage of these men, Peter and John,  knowing they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and took note they had been with Jesus.  Seeing the man who was healed standing there, of course, what could they say?  So the authorities ordered  Peter and John to stop talking about Jesus - but their reply was how could they, after all they had seen and heard!  So they were released and set free. Life was about to change for Peter and John, not to mention the former crippled man. 

Then there was Jesus.  He was born to a local girl, Mary.  It looked like he would grow up like every other Hebrew boy in Israel.  But early on, things began to change.  The locals would soon learn there was something different about this little guy.  Then He went to the cross for who He said He was and it looked like He was dead, but then Sunday came  - and Mary came to the tomb and the stone was rolled away.  Then He appeared to Mary and then to the disciples and then to others.  So what appeared to be dead was really alive.  Life began to change that day for all of us!

And life will begin to change for you as well as we seek the truth.  So many times we make judgements and conclusions by sight alone.  We think our ways are true and just.  We think our motives are righteous.  We think our hearts are pure.  We think our way is the right path.  We think we have no worth.  We believe there is no purpose for the trial we are going through.  The list can go on and on in our sight.  But in light of the truth of the Holy Spirit ....we are wrong. 

You see, my vertigo makes me think the room is spinning.  In reality, the room is not spinning, nor am I.  But my brain believes that I am moving. I even think I have evidence that it is!  UNTIL I focus on one thing in the room which is fixed.  Then my brain gets it.  The body is not moving, therefore it calms down (medical term) and the feeling of movement ends.  All the body knows the truth now - I am not moving. 

So it is with us until we focus on the one thing that gives us the truth..... the Lord and His Word.  We won't know the truth, but we will think we do.  We will even have evidence that we do but the truth is we don't unless we stop, open our eyes and focus on Him and His Word - THEN we will know the truth.  So I am asking today will you stop, open your eyes and focus on HIM!  He is focused on you and wants to show you the truth so you can walk without staggering!

Now if you will excuse me, I have to stagger over to the restaurant for a little lunch.  (I sure hope this Antivert kicks in before I get there.  I just hate all this explaining!)  Focus, focus, focus........