Friday, November 4, 2011

Forgive them they know not what they do.....(Luke 23:34)

They stand at the door and gather in the halls of any church.  They write on blogs, tweet, fb, text and email.  They speak, lead studies, go to Bible studies and take places of leadership.  "They" are you and me at any given moment of time: hearts that have been trampled and hurts that have piled up and  faith that is tired and discouraged.  Living on "should have" street in "what if" USA.  Carrying around a wheelbarrow overflowing the burdens of shame and regret.    Read on.

I walked in on my own two feet. From the outside it all looked put together. What a fooler! If she had been able to see me spiritually she would have seen my downcast head and my tear-stained face. She would have seen me barely able to stand. She would have known this was not the time to confront or tell me about her perfect family, perfect life and her perfect ministry. If she had known she would have put away her self-righteous words, her religious ambition and tucked away her judgemental attitude for another day. If she knew I am sure she would have taken the time to help carry my burden and pray for me.

Had she known she would not have condemned the very sin my family had faced or I had committed. If she had known she would have spoken words of life and not condemnation as I struggled  believing the Lord would or could forgive me or work good in my hopeless situation.   If she had known she would have surely walked this journey along side me with words of encouragement and worn her knees out in prayer on my behalf. If she had known she would not have used words for the devil to remind me that even the Lord could not redeem the bad decisions I have made.

If she had known how powerful and destructive her actions and words were she would have repented and handled my crises differently. If she had known how unimportant she was and how important the Lord was surely she would have acted differently.

If she had known what the future held for her or her family members she would have repented of her self righteousness, pride and religious ambition.  She would have cried out to the Lord for herself and her sisters in Christ. In doing so, the Holy Spirit would have revealed the unseen to her so she could minister effectively.  She would have become real and seen the power of the Lord working out His glory in her life and those around her.  She would have faded and only Christ would be seen.

 Don't you think....if she had known?

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