Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Master Gardener......

The garden this year looks great! I tried some new ideas and surprisingly they have worked! Now if we can just wait for the fruit of our labor, like tomatoes, green peppers, more tomatoes, cucumbers, more tomatoes, herbs, more tomatoes and, of course, what self respecting garden wouldn't have SUNFLOWERS! We will turn these luscious veggies into wonderful salads, salsa, sharing our bounty and beautiful summer table centerpieces. Right now we are waiting for just the right time. Gardening is something I really enjoy, not necessarily good at, but enjoy. I am looking forward to the Master Gardener program starting in August. The name might be a little deceiving in my case though, "master" gardener. Hmmm, I guess for me it should be "trying hard to be like the master" or "so it turned brown and looks dead, it's the thought that counts", well, you get the idea.

As I was gardening the other day I was deep in prayer, talking to the Master. He was reminding me of so many things through the weeding, pruning(which I dislike the most) and growing process. I was surprised about weeding.

If you haven't weeded in a while the weeds grow right along side the plants and start to look just like each other. You really have to get a closer look to distinguish between the plant and the weed. Sometimes you have to wait a while to see how it starts to grow up before you can tell for sure. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between good and evil, isn't it. Between right and wrong, even the most experienced gardener needs wisdom from the Master to know the difference. Then the weed needs to be pulled up by its root just like the sins in our lives. If not, then it comes right back up the next big rain or long dry spell. Funny thing about weeds they love heat and dryness more than water.

Then there is the pruning process. UGH! Oh, how I dislike pruning. Pruning produces so much extra refuse to pick up and dispose of. I am often tempted not to do it at all, but it is a much needed process in gardening. If not for pruning, your plants would not yield very much fruit. Especially trees, if you don't prune them they just grow out, not up. So pruning even though it is extra work it's necessary and healthy for any plant, shrub or tree, or you and me. Thankfully we don't have to do THAT very often. Pruning allows us to produce good fruit to share and bless others with.

Now growing and fruit producing that's my favorite. Waiting for the plant to grow up and produce its fruit whether flowers, shade from its branches or TOMATOES requires patience but is always worth the wait. Don't you think? Waiting for others you have deposited time and energy into in the name of the Lord because in due time your work will produce a harvest......if you don't give up. Aren't you glad the Lord didn't give up on you?

Gardening is such a parable of the Lord's goodness to us. Some are weeding, some pruning, and some growing and producing fruit. Oh and let's not forget the watering. IF we belong to the Master Gardener, Jesus Christ, we all are in some process of gardening along the journey of life.

We could park here and draw all kinds of analogies but I would love to hear from you about your "gardening experiences" and how the Lord is teaching you in your gardens.


WOW! Look at this verse! Thought for sure this would bless you!
Isaiah 61:3b
"They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor."

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