Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Hunt

The spaniels just came and sat down on the porch to rest awhile from the "hunt". It seems the woodpile is a very good place to drive two spaniels crazy and one very smart and agile chipmunk to hide out. First in one hole and then to the next the chipmunk taunting their lack of ability to catch him. Finally discouraged and tired they come on the porch to sit and pant, I am sure all the while thinking of the chipmunk that got away. Oh well, there is always this afternoon, round 2!

In my devotional time this morning I was praying and thinking about missed opportunities and regrets from the past. I was reading Luke 22:54-62. It seems that Peter was forewarned that he would fail the Lord three times before morning. Of course, Peter didn't believe that would be possible of him. Until he heard the rooster crow and knew that three times he had denied the very Lord he said he would defend until death. But still the Lord never left Peter. The word says at the end of this passage that he was close enough to hear his words and look straight at him. That look caused Peter to see his own sin and he broke out in sad sobbing of regret.

But still the Lord never left Peter. At the end of Luke 24 we see the Lord appearing to his disciples and ascending into heaven after blessing them. Then it says that they went home with great joy. Quite a different scene than the one above, isn't it?

What a great story about us as well. We, too, have been forewarned in the Scriptures, "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the Lord" and we have a promise that "he will never leave or forsake us". We all have been where Peter was. Wishing that we had made different decisions and wanting life to turn its tide back for a "do over" and make it the way we wanted it to be. It is hard to believe in these times that we "can go home with great joy" but with the Lord that is possible as we wait for him to bring His plan about in our lives.

Perhaps sitting on the back porch at the Master's feet is not just for dogs but for us as well. The spaniels didn't just give up and say we aren't hunting chipmunk anymore. They decided they would rest a while and try again another time. And get this, I didn't throw them out of my site because they failed. I was cheering them on for the next chase. You know, even though those spaniels didn't catch that chipmunk they still had hope that they would and there was joy in the waiting!

Now get out there and try again. Yeah, yeah, you failed we all have at some time. Yes, I know friends are upset because you didn't come through for them on the faith thing but the Lord knew this ahead of time. He prepared the plan for your life with this failing in mind. Now let it go! Go on! Get out there the time is short and great joy has your name on it!

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