Monday, October 26, 2009

Random thoughts on prayer

I am learning the sweet blessing of prayer. You would think after walking with the Lord for 30 years that I would know all there is to know about prayer. WRONG!!! I know so little but am learning so much. So many just think prayer is something you do when you can't do anything else. For me prayer is what I do before I do anything else. I am still learning to trust that small still voice and tune out the "yellers" among us. You know, the type that talk loud and walk wrongly. I want to speak wisely and walk rightly before the Lord. I am learning that prayer is about Him and not about me. I am learning that prayer is my source of strength and source of hope. I am learning that prayer is protection against what is and what could be, and even what was. I am learning that prayer is a lifeline and not the last line. Someone once said, "the bigger the dream, the harder the trial". I think that is true and prayer is how the Lord drops that dream in your heart and then gives you what you need to endure the trial that always accompanies the hard work of the dream. Prayer....I am learning.