Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good morning,
Well, I am trying this blog thing. My daughter set this up and said, "Mom, just write". I thought how foolish to write to no one and yet to someone. Sounds a bit strange but here goes. Since I have gotten older I realize that I have gotten stuck in my ways. You know, like writing by hand in a journal. Filling one journal after another and storing them way for others to read at another time of my life. I still enjoy that very much. Something just a bit more personal than this computer. However, it is faster to write your thoughts down in this form.

The Back Porch was the name my daughter gave it. It has real meaning to her and our family's life. You see we have a back porch. However, not just any back porch. Oh, it has the same furniture of any back porch. You know, the comfy kind that you can sink into and read a book on a rainy day. Or sip lemonade after a day at the office or a long day of yard work or just a swim after dinner. No, this back porch is my prayer closet. There I have prayed over many an important event in the lives of our family. I have risen early to read my Bible and then to pray for my family. Like the direction of our family, health issues, fear issues, financial issues, and of course, the all important boyfriend issues. With two daughters I prayed the "run him off" prayer about more boys than I can count.(You know, when your daugher brings home the "I know that is not the right boy for her") But always, always, praying for the will of the Lord to take precedent in our lives. So this back porch may look like a back porch but it is really a prayer closet.

I thought about this journaling thing when I was doing my devotions this morning. I was so glad that the Lord got personal with His word, the Bible, and made sure it was written down. Wouldn't it be sad to think that we just look it up quickly on a computer and then off starts our day. That we can sit and look at the written word and mediate quietly on it. That we can pick it up and carry it with us, not only in our hearts but physically. Isn't it wonderful that we actually have to take a minute to open it early or late and quiet our spirits down to listen to His leading. Now try doing that on a computer. Why you can turn on a computer any where, any time. On mass transit going here and there, at work, in front of a TV, etc. But to actually take the time to open the Word and listen quietly. Now that requires planning and purpose of heart.
When is the last time you purposed your heart to turn on your computer!

Well, we will give this "blogging" a chance. See how it goes. If you open this by "mistake"stop back by there will always be a scripture to encourage you to look in His word and a story or two hopefully to make you think or laugh a bit for the day (maybe even a picture or two if I can figure out how to do that). So come, sit a spell, open the computer and then open the Word of God to find for yourself the life plan the Lord has for you. Of course, you will have to pour your own lemonade.

Because He Lives!

The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him. 2 Cronicles 16:9

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  1. THe Word is powerful mom and thank you for your prayers:).